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Broken Wall

Broken Wall

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Lettering Height

( 48x Rubber Decals, Adhesive & Instructions Included )

Vanity Originals Tire Stickers offer you the the best tire lettering there is to offer!

The lettering kit includes 8x Rubber Decals, Adhesive & Instructions. They come as a DIY kit and are pre-curved to the tire.


Preparation of of the tire is the most important step to follow, if not done correctly you might loose letters!

  • Use Acetone to fully remove all oil and dust.
  • Clean Back of decals.
  • Apply the supplied Adhesive to the back of the decals.
  • Apply pressure to decals on tire for 30-40 seconds.



Use a degreased when washing your tires and they will look brand new.

We do not recommend the use of tire shine products. If exposed to tire shine, immediately clean the surface.



There are imitation knockoffs out there! Our quality patented material ensures that they will last the lifetime of the tire and not discolor, they come with a barrier layer and they are UV protected and crack resistant.


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