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    Want to become a distributor?

    Becoming a distributor of Tire Stickers offers a lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs interested in selling genuine, high-quality products. Tire Stickers is a trusted brand known for its original tire sticker products. This guide outlines the steps to become an authorized distributor and emphasizes the importance of selling authentic items, protected by a comprehensive license agreement.

    Step 1: Familiarize Yourself with the Tire Stickers Brand:
    Before applying to become a distributor, it's essential to understand Tire Stickers' product range, quality standards, and brand values. Research the company and its authentic product line to gain a comprehensive understanding.

    Step 2: Verify Authenticity and Avoid Knock Offs:
    Tire Stickers emphasizes the importance of selling genuine products. Beware of knock-offs and counterfeits flooding the market. These imitations not only damage the brand's reputation but also offer inferior quality. To ensure authenticity, always source products directly from authorized Tire Stickers distributors.

    Step 3: Review the License Agreement:
    To become an authorized distributor, it is mandatory to enter into a license agreement with Tire Stickers. This agreement outlines the terms and conditions for selling their products, ensuring a fair and legal partnership. Before signing, carefully read and understand the agreement to comply with all stipulations.

    Step 4: Apply for Distributorship:
    Visit the official Tire Stickers website and locate the distributorship application section. Complete the application form with accurate information, detailing your business credentials and intentions to sell authentic Tire Stickers products.

    Step 5: Await Approval and Commence Business:
    Once your application is submitted, Tire Stickers' team will review it thoroughly. Upon approval, you will gain access to the authentic product catalog and marketing materials. Start promoting and selling Tire Stickers products through your established channels.

    Becoming a distributor of authentic Tire Stickers products offers a unique business opportunity with a reputable brand. By adhering to the company's quality standards, avoiding knock-offs, and entering into a formal license agreement, you can establish a successful partnership, ensuring both the growth of your business and the integrity of the Tire Stickers brand.

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Retail Store Stands

These stands are available for distributors looking to display stock in big quantities ,from pre-made full sets of 8x brand name decals to custom individual alphabet letters and numbers in4x letter packs.

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Don't Let Them Fool You!

We sell the right stuff be careful for the crooks in the game as they all sell imitation knock offs and they WILL go bad after a few weeks! Vanity Originals Tire Stickers is the only Licensed company to sell official brand names and offer a guarantee on our product. We are the only ones that sell tire lettering in these materials and they are approved by tyre brand manufacturing companies ,our rubber does not discolour or crack ,they have a barrier layer and they are UV protected. Do it right the first time.

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