How To Install And Remove Tire Stickers

How to customize your own text and order.

How To Make a Trace For Matching Tire Stickers

How many decals per kit?

We sell letter and logo kits as a complete set for the entire car. There is a 10 character maximum for each phrase requested so if your phrase exceeds 10 characters you will need to pay an additional amount per letter.
Each tire letter kits is sold in quantities of 4 or 8, designed for all four tires on the vehicle.  If you select 4, you will receive a phrase to cover on side of each tire, top or bottom. If you order 8, you will receive enough for top and bottom of each tire. For example, ordering a Michelin tire letter kit of 4 will be for each tire, one side whereas a tire letter kit of 8 will be the phrase Michelin on top and bottom of the tire.

What is included with each order?

Each tire letter kit order will include the product, application instructions and our unique application adhesive (Permanent Raised Rubber).

Do we sell individual letters or a decal kit?

We do not sell cookie-cutter letters that will take hours to apply and risk incorrect spacing and orientation! Our tire letter kits are curved to fit our tire exactly as ordered and are a continuous decal on transfer film for quick and easy application.  The film may be split into multiple pieces in order to fit your order. No risk of getting adhesive on your fingers or having issues with proper placement of decals!

How do I pick the right letter height for my tire letter kit?

One of the biggest risks of damage to your Tire Stickers is ordering too large for the tire sidewall surface.  The tire has a designated tread bead and inner bead that defines the tire sidewall surface, this is the safe area for application of tire letter kits.
Sports bike and off-road motorcycle tires have a standard size but must be measured.

There are two methods of determining the proper fitment for your tire:

Measure the sidewall surface with a ruler - Be sure to measure the sidewall, NOT the entire surface from tread to wheel!  If you have any doubt, send us a photo!

Generic Tire Sizing guidelines - Use the generic tire sizing chart below to guide your decision.  Identify the aspect ratio or series (generally the middle number of the tire specification) and match to the chart.

Note: some tires may have a unique aspect ratio outside of these guidelines, when in doubt email us!

Tire Series Specification          MAX Recommended Letter Height       

                   20                                                   1.25cm

                   25                                                   1.9cm

                   30                                                   2.5cm

                   35                                                   3.0cm

                   40                                                   3.0cm

                   45                                                   3.8cm

                   50                                                   4.4cm

                   55                                                   5.0cm

Tire Size: 245/45/R17    MAX Recommended Height: 3.8cm

When in doubt, it is safest to size the same height as the tire manufacturer's brand letters.  Anything larger may risk damage in cornering or standard driving conditions.

Can we produce white wall or color tire wall kits?

White wall kits, dash line kits, flares and other tire accents are all possible.

Can you make custom fonts for my letter kit?

Yes! They are available in virtually any font! Our tire lettering kits are offered in standard fonts but you may also provide your own font ,add your request to the Order Notes

Can you make custom logos or designs for my tire letter kit?

There are no design limitations! Whether you are looking for raised white lettering style, billboard style, white walls, custom logos, brand names, hashtags or a social media handle.

To upload your own design, email us your design at or WhatsApp us at 067 884 7043.

What colors are they available in?

They are available in a variety of colors.
Permanent raised rubber lettering kits are available in White ,Red ,Yellow ,Blue ,Green and Orange.

Is there enough glue for my order?

The lettering kit adhesive should be used sparingly so as to avoid oozing after applying to the sidewall. Should you need more glue due to an application issue or damage from driving, it is available through our shop.
This adhesive is not standard super glue and should not be substituted!

I'm having trouble getting the letter kit to stick, what's going on?

The most important step is the tire preparation.  You may think the tire is clean but oil and dirt are difficult to remove, even new tires have to be thoroughly cleaned!  Proper cleaning will ensure a successful bond.
Customers with raised lettering or ribs on the tires also may face challenges.  These areas require using a credit card or similar object to apply pressure in areas that are too narrow for your finger pressure.  Without a contact surface, the decal cannot bond!
If you still face challenges with application, email us at for additional instructions.

Do I need to sand the tire sidewall prior to application?

Yes! This is a very important step to ensure a proper and strong bond to the raised rubber lettering. Roughen out the sidewall where you are going to apply the raised rubber lettering.

Does the wheel need to be balanced after installing a tire letter kit?

Our Raised Rubber Letter kits are only 1.5mm and 1mm thick and also will result in a negligible weight addition.

If you order a flare or whitewall Permanent Raised Rubber Letter kit you may need to consider balancing the wheels again since this adds more weight.

Cleaning And Prep Products

Keep your tire stickers clean and looking like the day you first got them with our Rubber Bright Cleaner and to give it that extra shine our Hyrdo Shine product will do the trick.

How do I clean my lettering kit?

The Permanent Raised Rubber Letter kits are designed to be cleaned after discoloring from rain, tire shine, snow, dirt, etc.  This can be done using a standard whitewall cleaning agent, dirt and oil remover or acetone, rubbing alcohol.

Will my lettering come off with car wash or power washing?

Permanent Raised Rubber Letter kits withstand standard washing and power washing! However, refrain from using any automatic car wash system or similar that grabs the wheel, tire, or rubs against the tire, while passing through the wash system which in turn can cause damage to your decals.

I lost a letter from hitting a curb, can you replace this?

Yes we do replace them at a little cost.